Employee Benefits

With the MiOcado portal, employees can now access a wide range of resources from any device, anywhere, anytime. There are several benefits to the portal that ease the lives of many employees.


After successful login, you can begin using the benefits associated with your account. If you want to know more about the various benefits available on the portal, read the following section.

Take Advantage Of MiOcado Employee Benefits

There are several benefits available to Miocado employees. Here are a few of the more common ones. All data is verified by our team and confirmed with the employees themselves.

Life Insurance: You will receive your life insurance plan once you join Ocado, based on your employee level.

Death in service: Depending on their job category, employees may be eligible for death benefits during their service time.

Sick Pay: This type of benefit is highly appreciated and valued by employees. Unfortunately, sick leave pay is available for only a short period of time. Employees expect to take more sick days in the future.

Employee Discount: Your online shopping and delivery costs will be reduced if you are an Ocado employee. There are also several holiday offers exclusively for employees.


Maternity & Paternity Leave: You will be covered when you take maternity or paternity leave at Ocado.

Annual Leave: Each year, a maximum of 30 days of leave is available. Leave cannot be carried over to the following year.

Job Training: A manager walks you through the process, trains you, guides you, and explains your responsibilities after you are hired.

Professional Development: In addition to training, the company also offers professional development programs.

Flexible Working: Employees are not restricted by time limits, so they may work at any time that suits them.

Health Insurance: In addition to a highly secured health insurance policy, you will receive training from Ocado upon joining the company. As such, most of your medical billing will be handled efficiently and quickly.